Forest Path Reboot 2017 Day 334-A

November 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Forest Trail, Day 335 Cameron Lake, Waterton National ParkForest Trail, Day 335 Cameron Lake, Waterton National Park

Original taken July 2008 : Nikon D200, Sigma 15-31 Lens (click image for large view)

Forest Trail around Cameron Lake in Watertown National Park. The lake is a short drive from the Waterton Townsite and there is another lake where there is an overnight campground not too far away called Bertha Lake which is only accused by hiking up a trail from the Waterton Townsite Campground.

For those with inquiring minds who read and keep track of minutiae and are probably wondering why this is day 334 when 334 was yesterday? A glitch occurred back on July 31st when a day was skipped in numbering which through everything out from that point on. This sets up the day numbering so Day 365 will be on December 31st.


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