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Lennard Island Lighthouse


Reboot 2017 is a 365 Day Photography Project I have undertaken for 2017. Typically 365 Day projects are focused on a theme whereby a photographer is given a subject or a guideline for taking a series of photographs during the upcoming year. All these projects start on January 1st, they can be thought of as a New Years Resolution to stimulate creativity.

I am far too busy to commit to taking a new photograph every day, I just don't have the time so I came up with my own solution for stimulating creativity, although the creativity is the processing of the photo itself, not the capture of the image.

Over the past dozen years I have taken thousands of photographs while travelling, more or less those dreaded vacation snaps, however I have used several Pro/Consumer Cameras and Lenses while doing so. These are the images being used in my 365 Day Project.

When I started out in my early days of photography I was using film cameras and I eventually stopped taking photographs for a decade or so. When I moved to Vancouver from Calgary I became interested again and digital cameras were being introduced to the market. My first digital camera was a Nikon CoolPix and I used that for a couple of years until Nikon brought out their first consumer model digital DSLR or Digital Single Lens Reflex, the Nikon D100.  After using that camera for a year or so I was hooked on Digital Photography and have since purchased several Nikon Digital Cameras and lens since.

During this learning process I also discovered digital post processing, the equivalent of processing a photo in a darkroom with paper and chemicals. The first programs were simple and over the past dozen years software has made incredible leaps and strides for bringing out the most you can get from a digital file. The advances in Digital Cameras themselves has made it possible to grab so much more information than the early days.

Back to my project. I had thousands of photos, some of which brought back a lot of memories of places I have been but when I first processed them I was limited by what I had to work with and more importantly what I knew as far as developing the image. Back in October of 2016 I was culling my collection of images, there was a lot of stuff I would never use or look at again but I didn't want to delete anything I really liked and regret it later so I started putting aside photographs that I liked, especially ones that didn't look so good but there was a possibility of saving them and processing them again.

In late 2015 I switched my Raw processing program from Lightroom/Photoshop/Camera Raw to Capture One Pro, the raw processor developed by Phase One, the medium format camera manufacturer. I soon discovered the true power of  what I believe is the best RAW processing program I have used to date, including my second favourite, DxO Pro Optics. I found the handling of colour, clarity and dynamic range in Capture One Pro was so good I was able to really recover a lot of information I could not get before, especially from photos that were a decade or more old. I also discovered it handled the dynamic range of a photo so well that I no longer need to use HDR, expect in extreme circumstances, and even then I can work around having to resort to that technique.

So using everything I have learned I am "refreshing" those old favourites, up to 2015 and giving them a new life and an updated look. I hope you follow my journey as I take something old and fix it up.